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Are you struggling with home decorating? Why hiring a Home Stylist is important?

Let us help you! Having a professional along the way while decorating your space. A Home Stylist can help with decision making and help you think of ideas that you wouldn’t have thought of on your own.

Interior Designers will occasionally look for ways to modify the space structurally, whereas a Home Stylist will work on re-finishing and furnishing existing spaces. Most of the time a room just needs a second set of eyes to help bring the space to life! Your personal Home Stylist will guide and help you with ideas to have a beautiful and functional space.


How much does hiring a Home Stylist cost? 

Package 1: $50
1 Hour to view space and to share ideas on changes and decor.

Package 2: $300 – $600
Styling 1-3 rooms, includes all meetings.
(Does not include decor and furniture bought. $50 for extra hours)


Lindsay what is your styling method?  

“I love designing a space that not only looks and feels good, but is also functional for the stage of life the family is in. For example, using cute decorative boxes for toys or creating hiding spots for necessary items that are used every day is very important to me.

I personally have quiet time and journal every morning, so I have a basket at my kitchen table that holds these items. Why have them hidden in a drawer when I use them every day? Making a coffee station in your kitchen that is functional with coffee and cups makes so much sense. Your cups become decor, but are also items you will use every day.

My personal favorite style is modern with clean lines and different shades of grey and small pops of soft colors. While still adding some wood and rustic feel to the space, but not over doing the “Farmhouse” trend.

If you’re going to spend time and money on decorating your home you want it to be timeless and not out of style in a few short years.

When designing for clients I’m open to hear all their ideas and will work with different types of styles, colors and themes!”


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